To us, the rest of the world ceases to exist as we walk along the river on this crisp, winter morning. She sleeps so peacefully and we enter a mysterious realm that we have created; it is our little secret. I can feel our spirits fuse and dance together. I can feel every breath she takes, so much life and so much love. Oh, how fast her little heart beats. Her head rests against my back; snuggled against me. The warmth of my skin, the smell of my hair, the sound of my heart and the motion of every step I take through the crunchy, cold snow. We stop to just cherish every second that passes us by. The bond between her and I is strengthened beyond anything in this universe.

There is a certain glow and beauty of a woman wearing an Amauti, when you see her you know that there is a happy baby being worn with love.

Welcome to Amauti Baby!

Unique and with that special personal touch that only handmade can bring, an Amauti is a great babywearing coat that will keep you and your baby warm.

I am very happy to share my love of Amauti-making with the world.  Hope you find this website informative and easy to follow.  

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